Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the cancellation policy?

Cancellation 72 hours prior to your tour time is allowed with no penalty and a full refund. In case of emergency we do offer a one time reschedule with a fee of 50$ per booking. This must be applied 24 hours prior to you tour time. No reschedules or refund are provided if you miss your tour. 

This Policy is for all Skamania Lodge Adventure Activities.

Aproximately how long does each tour take?

Ziplines– The Zipline Tours take about 2.5 hours from the time you put get gear on to the time your take your gear off. This time also depends on the amount of people on your tour and the pace of each group. Smaller groups will complete the course in less time but we ask that you plan your schedule appropriately so you do not have conflicting plans.

Aerial Park– With the Aerial Park we give you 2 hours to roam around the course. This includes getting into the gear and and orientation. 

Axe Throwing– All axe throwing sessions are 1 hour long. If you have a large group that may need more time, please call the office to make a reservation.

How many people can go on each tour?

Ziplines Each tour may consist of up to 10-11 participants. If you would like to book a larger group, please give us a call a 509-472-0202 to make arrangements.

Aerial Park Each outing may consist of up to 20 participants. If you would like to book a larger group, please give us a call at 509-427-0202 to make arrangements.

These are open tours and you will be paired with other people until our maximum number for each tour is met. Please call for large groups or custom tour times.

If I am not participating in the tour can I watch from the ground?

Yes, you are able to follow the tours throughout their entirety if you would like. Following the entire zipline tour requires walking on a dirt trail through the forest for roughly 1 mile. The aerial park is visible from one confined area close to the lodge.

What if it is raining? Do you cancel the tour?

We do run tours in the rain as well as the snow. Please plan accordingly as no refunds are issued due to weather. We are open year round, if we cancel a tour due to weather we will contact you as soon as possible and reschedule for another day. If the day of the tour there is lightning or extreme winds we will postpone the tour for 15 to 20 minutes before assessing the weather again and decide whether or not to continue. In the situation that we cancel the tour a rain check or refund may be applied based on how far along the tour you are when affected by the weather.

What restrictions do you have around age/weight/health?

Ziplines Participants for the ziplines must weigh at least 60lbs to be able to go on the tour, and they also must not be more than 275lbs. For participants under 10 years old, a responsible adult must go on the tour with them. (The weight limit is for your safety and we are not able to make exceptions. If you fall outside of these weight limits, but made a reservation anyway you will not receive a refund.) There is a little bit of trail walking in between zips and climbing up some stairs.

Aerial Park Participants of the aerial park must be at least 8 years old to go on the course. Participants must be able to reach 6ft otherwise be accompanied by an adult on a 1-1 ratio. Participants who can reach 6ft and are under 10 years of age must have an adult present but does not have to be participating. (The height and ratio limit are for your safety and we are not able to make exceptions. If you make a reservation anyway and fall outside of these requirements you will not be issued a refund). The Park does require some upper body strength and a little bit of athleticism.

Axe Throwing– Due to the nature of the activity participants must be at least 12 years old with a guardian signature.

Are there Gift Certificates for purchase?

Yes we do have gift certificates for sale and they can be purchased on the phone with us directly or on our website. When you purchase the certificates you may either put the buyer or the recipients name, but please make sure the recipient knows which name the certificates are under. The date that is asked is the date of purchase, this is not the day of the activity reservation. When gift certificates are purchased we will send you an email with your receipt and confirming your purchase, there will also be a pdf attached. The pdf is a print-out version of our gift certificates so you may gift them in person. The recipients will need to call us to make a reservation as they cannot book the tours online. They will need to provide us with the name the certificates are under and then we will get them set up for a date and time to do the activity that relates to their certificates.

We have certificates for each of our activities, please make sure the recipients know which activity their certificates are for. 

Reservations made with gift certificates still follow all cancellation rules and policies.

Why is the tour date and time I want not showing up online?

There could be a few different reasons for this; one could just be that there are no available tours on that day, the other could be that the group you have is too large for the tour you are looking at. We only take up to 10-11 people per tour so if the amount of participants that you are trying to book makes the tour exceed that you will not be able to book. Do not hesitate to call us to see what your options may be.

If I have a group of kiddos, do I have to go on the tour with them?

As long as there is at least one responsible adult on the tour for the group to go on the tour, you are more than welcome not to go and can watch from the ground. Kids that are 10 years of age or older may go without a parent on either of our aerial activities, but we ask that you please stay on the property. All of our activities have an inherent risk and waivers will need to be signed by all participants, kids under the age of 18 will need a parent or guardian signature. 

Can I bring a baby to any of the activities or do any of the activites pregnant?

As interesting as it would be to see an infant zip we do not allow infant zippers. We also do not allow pregnant women to Zipline or climb around in the Aerial Park, but they are more than welcome to come throw axes with us.

What if I am unable to complete the tour because I am scared?

This is not a problem at all, if your get scared or nervous to the point where you cannot continue the tour we have a way to lower from any of our platforms. We want to make sure everyone is having a goodtime and if you have stepped too far out of your comfort zone it is no longer fun or safe for your emotional being. You will not, however, be provided with a refund so please evaluate the activity first and call with any specific questions.

How far ahead of time should I book my tour?

It’s always best to book your tour around a week in advance. Although this is dependent on the time of year, our busy season is June-Sept during this period we have been known to be completely booked for a week or two out, so it’s best to book two weeks ahead of time during summer months. 

Am I allowed to bring a fanny pack or a backpack to hold my stuff?

We ask that you leave all backpacks and fanny packs in your car or hotel room, as they will not be allowed on the tour. If you would like to bring a phone for pictures or video feel free to as we want you to be able to capture your experience. Large cameras are allowed but must have a strap that you can put around your neck so that it does not fall. Other than cameras you will not need anything else on the tour so please leave it in your car or room. Any medical items such as an EpiPen are allowed.

What should I wear for my tour?

We do not let anyone on our course that does not have closed toed shoes. If you do not have any at check-in you will be turned away and will not be offered a refund, the shoes are for your safety. As for the rest of your attire we ask that you dress for the weather that you will be zipping in and plan accordingly. We do not offer gloves of any sort on our tour, you may bring some for warmth but on the ziplines you will not be handling any of the gear. Please keep in mind that you will be wearing a harness that goes over your shoulders and around your waist and thighs. For this reason it is a good idea to wear longer shorts and T-shirts vs. short (running) shorts and tank tops so that you remain comfortable.

How do I schedule axe throwing?

Please call us to book axe throwing if you do not see a time online. This is the one activity that may be available even if you do not see a time available, walk-ins are also usually available.